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Hatfield Town Council Information under the Model Publication Scheme​

A copy of our Model Publication Scheme HERE

Financial Transparency Available on the Website.

In cases of extreme risk to the delivery of Council services, the clerk may authorise revenue expenditure on behalf of the Council which in the clerk’s judgement it is necessary to carry out. Such expenditure includes repair, replacement or other work, whether or not there is any budgetary provision for the expenditure, subject to a limit of £3000. The Clerk shall report such action to the Leader as soon as possible and to the Council as soon as practicable thereafter.

This Council is required to report expenditure over £500 authorised by the Clerk.

Town Clerk Job Description

Hatfield Town Council – Town Clerk, Job Description Link

The Mayor receives an allowance of £1,200 pa no other Member receives any allowance.

No staff are trade union representatives. No time nor resources were expended on trade union activities in 2019/20.

Freedom of Information

Financial Regulations


Due to budget cuts for 2020/21 Community Grants for 2020/21 have been closed.

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