Green Lanes Allotments 

We have an allotment site at Green Lanes, available to be used by residents living in and around the Hatfield area. Please note that due to the popularity of these sites, there is currently a waiting list of 3-4 years.

The management of the allotments is carried out by Hatfield Town Council in conjunction with the Green Lanes Allotment Association.

Green Lanes Allotment 3
Green Lanes Allotment
Green Lanes Allotments

Apply for an Allotment

If you would like to join the waiting list to make use of an allotment space, please contact us on 01707 262023 or fill in our application form.

Allotment Fees

£40.00 per year (£30.00 for over 65s) + £5.00 Allotment Association membership.