Alternative Land Management

As part of our commitment to encouraging and supporting the growth in population of our wildlife, a number of our open spaces fall under our Alternative Land Management (ALM) scheme.

What is Alternative Land Management?

Our alternative land management scheme focuses on sustainable practices that will prioritise the preservation and wellbeing of the local ecosystem.

As part of this approach, we’ll be allowing grass to grow and sewing seeds in select areas, increasing the the amount of wildflowers and floral meadows in the area. Hatfield Town Council looks after 35 sites across the parish, and by letting select areas of them develop and grow naturally, we are allowing biodiversity to thrive in our town, providing improved habitats for wildlife and also reducing our own carbon footprint.

By changing the way we manage these spaces, we will be making significant and positive improvements to the quality of natural spaces in Hatfield, allowing more plants, insects, birds and mammals to flourish.


More details on what happens at the county and borough level can be found on their websites:

Hertfordshire County Council

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Where is this happening?

During this trial phase we will be implementing Alternative Land Management at the following sites:


Alternative Land Management Poster

Look for this sign at each location