Football Ground Up-Date

A number of people have asked for an update about the potential football ground project in Hatfield. Whilst Hatfield Town Council is looking at options, it is important to remember that the money available is not ours and is in fact open to any local group to utilise.

The money is held and controlled by the Hatfield Community Sports Board, who will ultimately make the final decision on how this money will be used.  More information on the Board and how an organisation can apply for funding can be found on the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council website here:

Hatfield Town Council has set up a small group to investigate whether we could put together a successful bid for up to £800,000 of funding which is available for football facilities. Having assessed the various options the group has determined that a grass-only project at Birchwood was preferable. This should support the development of a high-quality grass pitch, enclosure, floodlights and some seating.  The next step is for Cllr James Bond to take an in-principle proposal to the Community Sports Board for endorsement before working up a more detailed (and fully costed) project proposal.