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NEWSLETTER - Spring 2019

de Havilland Comet's 70th Anniversary

July 2019 is the 70th Anniversary of the inaugural flight of Sir Geoffrey de Havilland’s Comet Jet Airliner, the first ever, in the world to go into commercial service. Built in Hatfield it serves as a timely reminder to the importance this had with the development of international air travel and helped resurrect the economy of Great Britain after  WW2 left us with terrible losses in both population and the economy. [Read More…]

Welcome to this Spring Edition of the Hatfield Town Council Newsletter


Leader of the Council

“In these pages, you can read about some of the many things your Council has done and is currently doing to make Hatfield the place it once was, and can be again. This is just the start of what I hope will be an ongoing programme of improvement to our key facilities while also increasing what we can provide for our residents. Some aspects of this programme will and have taken longer than others, and I share the frustrations of those who would like to see things happen quicker. I am pleased though, that unlike other local authorities, this Council has been able to provide you with more, without costing you a penny extra in Council Tax. I am proud to be the leader of Hatfield Town Council. During my time carrying out this role I have become even more aware of not only the fantastic community we have here but what it can achieve when it comes together. But that doesn’t mean I’ve become blind to problems that remain unresolved, such as the rubbish, litter and general disrepair - often as a result of unacceptable services outside of the control of this Council. There will always be those who look down their noses at our town. I know the truth is that while there is still much more to be done, Hatfield, with its history, its people and that unquestionable community spirit, it really is the hidden gem of Hertfordshire. Hatfield is on a journey back to where it should be, and I look forward to that continuing.” Lenny Brandon


My Year as Mayor

Hello everyone. It has been an Honour and a Privilege to represent Hatfield as the Town Mayor. I have received very warm welcomes to all engagements I have attended and I have enjoyed meeting you all. Some highlights that will live long in the memory are meeting John Conteh (a super bloke), Poppy’s 100 years birthday celebration (a lovely lady), the Chancellor’s and Vice Chancellor’s Lectures (very interesting) and attending local schools. These are just a few to mention, there were countless more. Once again, thank you all for your friendly and courteous welcomes and chats. Yours Sincerely, Jack Nelson.

World Hatfield Festival Week

20th - 27th July 2019

70th Anniversary of the First Jet Engine Flight in the World
The de Havilland Comet

The de Havilland Comet seen here as a prototype, ready for service carrying fare paying passengers [Read More…]


World Hatfield Festival

List of Events

What an absolute stonker of a week this looks like being. Totally fitting for the occasion and an opportunity for the community to reflect back on the contribution and impact Hatfield had in the History of Aviation and what it meant to the world. 

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the flight of the Comet we are working with Hertfordshire University, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Herts Sports Partnership, Potential Kids, The Galleria, Hertfordshire Libraries, Welwyn Hatfield Chamber of Commerce, Hatfield of Yesteryear, Duxford Aviation Society, Mosquito Aircraft Museum, Gacoyne Cecil Estates, David Lloyd Hatfield, Beales Hotel, The Shuttleworth Collection, Hendon RAF Museum, Aviation Skills Partnership and many more to plan a week celebrating our heritage.

[Read more and see full Events Schedule]

The Comet Memorial

The Town Council is working with the University to create a permanent memorial to the Comet in its 70th Anniversary of its first flight. Students came up with some fantastic concept designs and the two images here are being considered as potential templates for a statue on one of our roundabouts (subject to permission and funding). We would like to thank Hertfordshire University, the students and tutors for the time they have spent so far on this project and for continuing with this into 2019.

Council Matters

War Memorial Gardens

htc.MEM .3

A concerted effort has been made by Hatfield Town Council during the past 4 years to refurbish the War Memorial Gardens and to raise the profile of Hatfield’s Remembrance Parade.

The refurbishment started with a
new centre column donated from
a fund-raising effort by Councillor Brandon and the people of Hatfield. The ironwork enclosing the pavilion housing the memorial to the fallen was kindly donated & installed by L.A Metalworks of Fiddlebridge Lane. With this area now protected from vandalism the Town Council installed

lighting enabling people to pay their respects even at dusk.

We have installed 4 beautiful commemorative benches that enable people to sit and spend time in the gardens reflecting. The refurbishment is almost complete, with the lighting of the centre column being the next priority.

Remembrance Parade

htc.MEM .5
htc.MEM .2
htc.MEM .4

Recent years have seen the annual Remembrance service in Hatfield grow exponentially. A more formal parade
is now held with the kind assistance of a qualified Parade Marshal, thereby encouraging local serving military, veterans and youth groups to provide more of a presence.

Poppy Appeal

htc.POP .2

Hatfield Poppy Appeal Organiser Samantha Frake and her Deputy Donna Vier were very busy last year delivering poppy boxes to 117 local businesses and 11 Schools in Hatfield.

Hatfield Town Council staff along with volunteers from the community helped to man stands at Tesco and Asda for the two week period.

The Hatfield Poppy Appeal has raised a phenomenal £25,834.00 so far for 2018/2019 which has already exceeded the 2017/2018 total of £19000.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped us this year, without your growing support we would not of been able to raise the amount we did.

Hatfield Train Crash Memorial

htc.RAIL .1

The crash in October 2000 was found to be caused by a brоkеn rаіl. A year after thе dеrаіlmеnt, Railtrack was аbоlіѕhеd bу thе Gоvеrnmеnt аnd rерlасеd wіth Nеtwоrk Rail.

Five executives of Balfour Beatty Rail Maintenance Ltd went on trial, accused bу Richard Lіѕѕасk, QC, fоr the рrоѕесutіоn, of bеіng rеѕроnѕіblе fоr the сrаѕh because thеу dіd not follow ѕаfеtу regulations.

Outlіnіng thе details оf thе crash оn Oсt 17, 2000, Mr Lissack ѕаіd thе GNER еxрrеѕѕ frоm Lоndоn tо Leeds derailed аt 115mрh when іt hіt a brоkеn rаіl on the fast lіnе near Hatfield, Herts.

Aѕ well as thе dеаth оf four раѕѕеngеrѕ, thе сrаѕh соѕt tеnѕ оf millions of роundѕ іn nеtwоrk repairs аnd mаrkеd thе “bеgіnnіng оf the еnd fоr thе whоllу commercial management” оf Britain’s rаіlwауѕ.

[Read More…]

100 Years


Through general interest inspiring a passion for wishing
to create a permanent record of the day, Callum Oakaby- Wright, Sam Sergeant, both of whom are building careers in the film/music industry, and John Spavins started planning a film that would record the various elements of the day from the dawn service, to the beacon lighting.

The backbone of the film was always going to be Hatfield, and the part its population played in that 1914-1918 conflict, and paying respect to those that did not come home. The project was also to be on a zero budget, though assistance from Hatfield Town Council, with the cost of
the editing suite required, is acknowledged.

The currency was, in essence, end credits for all who have played a part no matter how great or small.

Blue Plaque Scheme


Following the decline of the Blue Plaque Scheme in the Borough, not that there were any in Hatfield, the Town Council decided to start up its own Blue Plaque Scheme. We are pleased to say that we have our first 3 Blue Plaques for the Town celebrating our rich history. If you want to nominate someone for a blue plaque please complete the nomination form which can be found on our website. [Read More…]

htc.ChineseDel 2927 1

Chinese Delegation


htc.newgatSt2 1

Newgate Street Improvements



Roe Hill Bar


Birchwood planning

Hatfield Town Council are pleased to unveil the preliminary drawing of a
redevelopment scheme for Birchwood leisure Centre.  Pre-App advice has been
taken into consideration and the scheme has been viewed favourably by Welwyn
Hatfield Borough Council.  We will announce Public Consultation dates in the
near future. [Read More…]



Ellenbrook Play Area

Working with Ellenbrook Residents Association and Groundwork Trust, the Town Council carried out consultation with local residents and plans have been drawn up to improve Ellenbrook Play area.  Grant funding has been obtained for an accessible swing and residents have been carrying out their own fund raising through a Just Giving Page – thank you!  Groundwork Trust is working hard to obtain the funding required to bring the rest of the project to fruition in 2019.  Cemex and Fusion Students have pledged some help to the project. We would like to thank Gascoyne Cecil Estates for their donation.



Acacia St. Play Area

Together with the Groundwork Trust, the Town Council carried out a consultation with local residents on what they wanted to see at Acacia Street Play area.  Plans have been drawn up and will be put into place in two phases.  Groundwork will be helping the Town Council with tendering the contracts to put in the new play equipment in Phase 1. 


Screenshot 2019 03 18 at 14.15.18

de Havilland Grange

The Town Council have sought pre-application advice on how to build a pavilion for the junior football pitch at deHavilland Grange sympathetic to its surroundings so that there are proper facilities for players
and visitors. We have taken on board the planners advice and will be submitting a full planning application later in 2019.


Other Council Activities


Hatfield Town Council run an allotment site at the Green Lanes Site in Hatfield’s Garden Village.   

The day to day running of the site is managed by the Allotment Association, which is made up from allotment holders.

Membership to the allotment association allows you discounted rates on seeds and potatoes.

They also hold an annual BBQ for members.

We have over 80 plots on this site, if you are interested in having an allotment at this site please email

We currently have a waiting list, but we are happy to add you to the list.       

Potential Kids

“As council budgets and school funding have been cut, families of children with special needs increasingly find they are having to battle for help – a fight some do not win”. THE GUARDIAN TUE 5TH SEPT 2017

Screenshot 2019 03 18 at 18.08.41

Potential Kids is a voluntary project based in Hatfield which offers after-school, weekend and holiday social and activity groups for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, their siblings and families. The sessions are designed to have lots of space and freedom for the children to use their energy and have fun, whilst parents can discuss problems and seek advice.

The service is well used by Welwyn/Hatfield residents and of the 1500 people that have come through our doors, approx. 64% of them have been from Hatfield. We are a local project, always have been and we will remain committed to improving the lives of Hatfield residents. We hope to continue to work with Lenny in his mission to restore pride in Hatfield, its proud industrial heritage and social history.

Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust are coming to coach the young people and we will have the use of Roe Hill overflow car park soon to pilot cycling lessons!

Men’s Shed Hatfield is an initiative sponsored through The Welwyn/Hatfield Social Fund and has been created to cover the NHS 5 steps to Mental Wellbeing (Be Active, Connect, Keep Learning, Give and Be Mindful). The shed is a fully recognised and researched way men (but not exclusively men) connect. They do this whilst giving back to the community, learning new skills and actively designing, building, maintaining and restoring things, anything really, from children’s bikes and scooters to furniture to gardens and all things in between, even whittling wood. We plan to have organised monthly mindfulness sessions too!

Through careful timetabling we will help many groups of people from the ages of 14 upwards. This is quite a unique service in Hertfordshire but we promise to have focused days for Hatfield residents, much of the giving though will directly benefit Hatfield town.

Lenny Brandon has been instrumental in securing this benefit for the town.

Kids Holiday Activities

Where kids go in the school holidays to have fun and meet friends
Soft Play Area with Swings and Obstacles for Kids to Have an Adventure

Leisure & Fitness

Self Defence

Legend has it that Wing Chun Kung Fu was created by a woman and was designed to allow a weaker person to defeat a stronger without resorting to physical strength. This makes it ideal as a system of self defence, as well as providing other benefits such as greater self confidence, fitness, improved balance, coordination and flexibility.

Walking Basketball

Walking Basketball is the latest to be added in the walking sports alternative to the mainstream activity. It’s played exactly the same except players are not allowed to run. There is minimal contact (as the normal game is meant to be?) but basket remains at the same height so there are certain physical requirements need to score. However, 
 [Read More…]



Whіlе mаnу реорlе hаvе no idea what рісklеbаll іѕ, this sport hаѕ tаkеn mаnу асtіvе аdult communities bу ѕtоrm.

Orіgіnаtіng in thе USA in 1965, рісklеbаll іѕ nаmеd аftеr Joel Prіtсhаrd whо wаntеd tо entertain hіѕ twо bоrеd сhіldrеn. Sо hе рісkеd uр a ріng-роng раddlе аnd a wіfflе ball and bеgаn a trеnd bеуоnd hіѕ wildest еxресtаtіоnѕ.   [Read More…]

Birchwood Leisure

Around & About

Santa's Rounds

One of the most fulfilling experiences for all those involved must be seeing the excitement and joy on the faces of the many local kids and parents that come out to see Santa.

In exchange for fruit and donated goodies, Parents contribute to collection boxes and thanks to everyone’s generosity £1645 was raised for the Mayor’s Charity – The Jamie McVeigh Foundation.


We hope you have noticed the improvements taking place around the Town Council’s parks and recreation grounds, this the hard work of our fantastic grounds team under the guidance of our Head of Estates, Ali.  The Team is made up of 3 apprentices (Kieran, Charlie and Josh), 2 grounds staff (Martin and Colin) and a Leading Hand (Mike). 

 We said goodbye to our long serving groundsman Keith Crane in October 2017 when he retired, we wish him well on his new island adventures.

If you have any concerns about litter or overflowing bins in our parks please email

Clean Up Hatfield

The Town Council is proud to join in the Clean up Hatfield weeks organised by Marian Hurle & Cathy Roe.  The next one will be held during the week commencing 1st April.  Contact Marian for more details. 

The Town Council will be cleaning up Birchwood area starting at the Leisure Centre 9.30am on 1st April.  Hi-Viz jackets and litterpickers will be provided just turn up in comfortable clothing suitable for an hour’s walking.

Website and Digital Development

We know Hatfield Town Council is not a commercial business, but we are still very conscious of our customer base; those customers being our community. It’s important to us that our Customers receive the very best attention and an effective website is an efficient and purposeful means of communication. We want our website to show the Community what’s going on, where to find things and where to reach out if they need help. 


Click on any of the headings below for more information

And Finally..........

We hope you have enjoyed the web version of our Newsletter as much as we have putting everything together. If you haven’t received a printed version and would like one please call the Hatfield Town Council Offices to see there are any more available.

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