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Hatfield Schools Story Writing Competition

Apr 23, 2024 | Recent News | 0 comments

Over the past few weeks, students at St Phillip Howard and Southfield Schools in Hatfield have been hard at work producing stories in a special competition that we launched on World Book Day, this past March.

We invited pupils from Key Stages One and Two, from both schools, to get as creative as they can and craft an adventurous tale centred around the theme of dragons. With this simple prompt, these budding authors put pen to paper and produced a staggering array of entries over the following six weeks, with the deadline coinciding with St. George’s Day on April 23rd. St George, of course, known from legend as a soldier who defeated a dragon.

Additionally, April 23rd also marks the birth (and death) anniversary of the renowned playwright, William Shakespeare.

The Judges

Staff at Hatfield Town Council, alongside a special guest judge from the Welwyn Hatfield Times, read through each of the entries and shortlisted their favourites from each Key Stage, with the grand prize winner hand-picked by the newspaper for publication. Facing very strong competition, picking the winner proved to be an extremely difficult task, as the judges were treated with so many fantastic stories of adventure that left them smiling, laughing, intrigued, and in many cases wanting more.

The Winners

Ultimately, the grand prize was awarded to Joseph, a talented student from Class 4SD at St. Phillip Howard School, for his enthralling story depicting a misadventure involving a group of dragons and a hungry, hard to please king. Joseph’s adept use of language and his keen sense of humour captivated the judges, earning him his well-deserved recognition.

In addition to Joseph’s captivating tale, three other stories were selected as winners from various key stages across both schools. Amber and Archie emerged victorious from Southfield School, representing Key Stages One and Two respectively, while Neveah claimed victory among Key Stage One students at St. Phillip Howard School. These winning stories, alongside Joseph’s masterpiece, can be read below:


One time in a garden on a hot summer’s day, a little boy called Joseph was looking for four leaf clovers. Something, or someone, flew over his head. All of a sudden, they landed in front of him. It was dark green dragons. They turned their head and pounced on top of him. Joseph jumped on one of their backs. He flew to an old, untrustworthy castle. One dragon picked up Joseph and threw him on a BBQ then cooked him like a marshmallow. The dragons take the cooked marshmallow human and take him to their king. Their king takes a bite and shouts “this is disgusting! What type of person is this? Tastes like burned rubber.”

The king is very disappointed in his workers, storms off to their room and trashes it and leaves a note saying: I’m very sad in you dragons, so I’m leaving you with the strong men to beat you up with a cucumber and I’m leaving you forever and no I’m not sad about leaving you.

Goodbye forever my friends.


Once upon a time there was a girl called Sofia. She did not like the dragons because they were scary. There was also a dragon who was scared of humans.

One day, Sofia was in the enchanted forest, the dragon was there as well. Sofia knew the dragon wasn’t scary, it had huge purple wings and a spotty body. The dragon told his friends that humans are not scary. The girl told her friends that dragons are not scary. Now the humans and dragons are best friends.

Sometimes Sofia would play with the dragon in the enchanted forest. In the forest, you can see butterflies and bees. At the end, they go back to their families.


Two years ago, there lived a galaxy sparkly dragon. She lived in the cold house in the Hillbrick Mountain. Her name was Luna.

Luna was a dragon scientist. She made explosion potions for unicorns, to give them magical powers. The unicorns had magical powers to fly. The potions helped them to grow wiggly arms to protect them.

One day, the potion went wrong and the unicorn’s wings turned into ears. The unicorns were surprised to see large ears on their body. The unicorns were sad and asked Luna to go get their wings back. So, Luna made a yellow potion made of lavender and the unicorns drank it.

Their wings grew back and they flew away to Unicorn Land.


Once upon a time, there were two dragons. There was a nice dragon and a bad dragon, but meanwhile the nice dragon was helping the villagers. The bad dragon was stealing crops from the villagers and sheep were stolen and the villagers were not happy about it. But at midnight the villagers got a boulder to block the bad dragon, but he was too powerful and he broke the boulder and scared the villagers.

The villagers had a plan. They needed the nice dragon to destroy the bad dragon for good. The next day, the nice dragon fought the bad dragon, but the bad dragon was too powerful, so the villagers and the nice dragon fought together. The bad dragon became even stronger than before and he became unstoppable, with the Lightning of Infinity.

When the bad dragon was back, the villagers were in shock. The bad dragon destroyed the villagers home and they were sad about it, but the bad dragon realised what he had done. The reason he had done this was because nobody liked him. So he went back to the villagers to apologise and help the villagers build their home. But the villagers surprised him. They built him a home next to theirs.

Joseph and Miss Matuszczyk web

Thank You

As a token of appreciation for their efforts and their wonderful stories, each winner will receive a special dragon bookmark and a book voucher.

Hatfield Town Council extends its heartfelt gratitude to the staff and all of the talented pupils of Southfield and St. Philip Howard schools for their participation in our story writing competition.

Through events like these, we aim to foster a love for storytelling and to help ignite the imaginations of our young residents, paving the way for a future filled with creativity and literary excellence.


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