Remembering VJ  day  

At the Hatfield war memorial on Saturday  August 15th –  the Mayor of Hatfield , Cllr Margaret Eames- Petersen , Leader of the  Council Cllr Lenny Brandon, Cllr  Glyn Hayes  ( Welwyn Hatfield Veterans Covenant champion) and Welwyn Hatfield Deputy Mayor, Cllr Peter Hebden , took part in a memorial service led by Rev Darren Collins  starting  at 10 am.


The Mayor, Leader and Deputy Mayor of WHBC laid wreaths in memory of our armed forces who gave their lives in the Asian Pacific part of   world war 2, in combat or Japanese prisoner of war camps before VJ Day on August 15th 1945.

This was a socially distanced event , so there were  very few people , without publicity to ensure no rules broken.