The Mayor of Hatfield

The Role of the Mayor

Each year Town Councillors elect one Councillor to become the Mayor of Hatfield.  The role has both a symbolic and practical importance, the Mayor is the Town’s first citizen and represents Hatfield at various engagements during the year and chair full council meetings.  The Mayor is the recognised representative of the Council on all civic and ceremonial occasions.

The Mayor is non-political and must be seen to represent every section of the community regardless of political persuasion.  The role of the Mayor is to reflect the aims and strategies of the Council. During most engagements, the Mayor will wear the Chain and Badge of Office.

The Mayor of Hatfield, 2022 – 2023

Councillor James Bond was brought up in Hatfield from the period commencing the mid-years of World War II.

He was educated in Hatfield, where he trained to become a qualified Surveyor practicing from bases mainly within Hertfordshire but for about ten years within the London conurbation.

He has been a Town  Councillor since 2019.  He endorses the spirit within the Council to provide community facilities for the benefit of all Sport & Leisure opportunities for all ages & all genders across all of the sites that the Council manages.

Councillor Bond, like many people, enjoyed being a member of The Breaks Manor Youth Centre in his formative years, and has selected the Centre as his charity during his 12 months of office as Mayor.

You can following him on twitter @HatfieldMayor

Invite the Mayor to an event or meeting

If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event or meeting, please provide the following information, either by telephone, email or post. 

Please provide us with at least four weeks’ notice.   We will do our best to contact you with seven days of receiving the invite to confirm whether the Mayor can accept the invitation.

About the event

  • Name of meeting or event
  • Type of event e.g. visit, dinner, discussion
  • Purpose of the event (please explain what it is for and why it is important)
  • Reason for the Mayor’s attendance (what would you like the Mayor to do?)

Date and location

  • Date of the event
  • Address for the event (including postcode)
  • Parking and access information


  • Event start and end time
  • What part of the event are you inviting the Mayor too? (whole event, opening)
  • What time should the Mayor arrive?

Key contact details

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Telephone
  • Email

Please send your request to:

Jane Anderson
Hatfield Town Council
c/o Birchwood Leisure Centre
Longmead Road
Hatfield, Hertfordshire
AL10 0AN

T: 01707 262023