The Mayor

The Role of the Mayor

Each year Town Councillors elect one Councillor to become the Mayor of Hatfield. The role has both symbolic and practical importance; the Mayor is the Town’s first citizen, represents Hatfield at various engagements during the year, and chairs full council meetings. The Mayor is the recognised representative of the Council on all civic and ceremonial occasions.

The Mayor is non-political and represents every section of the community regardless of political persuasion. The role of the Mayor is to reflect the aims and strategies of the Council. During most engagements, the Mayor will wear the Chain and Badge of Office.

The Mayor of Hatfield, 2023 – 2024
Councillor Gareth Aicken

Portrait of Councillor James Bond, The Mayor of Hatfield, wearing the Mayor’s Chain

Gareth Aicken lives in Hatfield with his wife Moyna and two dogs. He and Moyna have between them four grandchildren, two living in England and two in India.

Born in Northern Ireland, Gareth moved with his parents to Welwyn Garden City in 1960 and to Hatfield in 1965. He attended what is now Stanborough School.

Gareth worked for the British overseas aid programme and other international development organisations, and spent some of this time living and working abroad, including in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malawi.  He retired in 2016.

Gareth is interested in current affairs and reads a lot, including history and poetry. He keeps fit by walking and practising Pilates. He has seen a lot of changes in Hatfield over the years and looks forward to meeting many more of his Hatfield neighbours during his year as Town Mayor.

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