Hatfield Town Councillors

Below you will find information about our Town Councillors, the election process, records and other information for your interest. This is being updated as and when necessary; if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

The Council Civic Handbook

This booklet is produced to offer some details and insights into the operations of the mayoralty, and is intended as a helpful guide. Whilst some local aspects are based upon custom and practice, which can often be unique to an individual parish, there is much that is founded on “best practice” guidance from the National Association of Civic Officers, or is directed by legal requirements or nationally-accepted conventions and protocols.

The Civic Handbook (Download)

  • Election result from 6th May 2021 (by election) Click HERE
  • Election result from 2nd May 2019 Click HERE
  • Election result from 3rd May 2018  Click HERE
  • Election result from 8th June 2017 is available  Click HERE
  • Election result from 4th February 2016 is available  Click HERE
  • Election results from 7th May 2015 are available Click HERE.
  • Previous election results;

2 May 1991 – 4 May 1995 – 6 May 1999 – 2 May 2002 by election – 1 May 2003 – 19 June 2003 by election – 10 June 2004 by election– 3 May 2007 – 1 May 2008 – 26 June 2008 by election – 21 November 2013 by election 

Code of Conduct 2021 – This National Code was agreed at Council on 19th May 2021  

Hatfield Town Council Elected Councillors

Cllr James Bond

Cllr. James R. Bond

Elected Town Mayor -Conservative Central Ward james.bond@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr. Jackie Brennan

Lib-Dem East Ward Jackie.brennan@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Ex Elected Conservative


Ex Elected Conservative, Wild Hill Ward

Cllr Margaret Eames-Petersen

Cllr. Margaret Eames-Petersen

Labour Villages Ward Margaret.eames-petersen@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr Richard Griffiths

Cllr. Richard Griffiths

Lib-Dem South Ward richard.griffiths@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr Caron Juggins

Cllr. Caron Juggins

Conservative East Ward enquiries@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr Helena Goldwater

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Cllr. Hazel Laming

Lib-Dem Briar Ward Hazel.laming@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Ex Elected Conservative, Villages Ward

Cllr. John Percival

Labour Central Ward John.percival@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr Tristan Wiltshire

Cllr. Tristan Wiltshire

Deputy Mayor - Conservative Newgate Street Ward Tristan.wiltshire@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr. Linda Mendez

Labour Meadows Ward linda.mendez@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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Cllr. Tim Rowse

Lib-Dem South-West Ward
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Cllr. Nigel Hutton

Independent East Ward nigel.hutton@hatfield-herts.gov.uk
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