14th October 2020



Dear Councillor


This is to inform you that an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council will be held via Zoom at 7.30p.m. on Wednesday 21st October 2020, to which you are summoned, for the transaction of the following business.





Meeting ID: 834 2439 8464

Passcode: 186710

Yours sincerely,



C A Lloyd

Town Clerk


1.               APOLOGIES

            To receive apologies for absence if any.


Members are reminded to make any declarations of disclosable pecuniary and/or personal interests that they may have in relation to items on this Agenda.


You should declare at this part of the meeting or when it becomes apparent your interest by stating:


(a)             the item you have the interest in

(b)        whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest and the nature of the interest, whereupon you will not participate in the discussion or vote on that matter, unless dispensation has been requested and granted

(c)        whether it is a personal interest and the nature of the interest


Members are also reminded of their obligation to report any amendment to their Register of Interests to the Town Clerk as soon as it becomes apparent.

3.               QUESTION TIME

              Fifteen minutes of the Meeting will be given over to questions from members of the public on issues relating to the work of the Council.

4.               RESPECT

In accordance with Standing Orders;


A person shall raise their hand when requesting to speak.  The chairman of the meeting may at any time permit a person to be seated when speaking.


A person who speaks at a meeting shall direct their comments to the chairman of the meeting.


Only one person is permitted to speak at a time. If more than one person wants to speak, the chairman of the meeting shall direct the order of speaking.


During the debate on a motion, a councillor may interrupt only on a point of order or a personal explanation and the councillor who was interrupted shall stop speaking.  A councillor raising a point of order shall identify the standing order which they consider has been breached or specify the other irregularity in the proceedings of the meeting they are concerned by.

A point of order shall be decided by the chairman of the meeting and their decision shall be final.



As a matter of Civic protocol Members shall refer to the current Mayor as Madam Mayor at meetings and refer to each other as Councillor and their given last name.


The Mayor wishes to ensure that Hatfield Town Council is very careful to avoid conflicts of interest for Councillors and staff.  


Councillors should delegate roles if a Councillor is in danger of being compromised, or has a conflict of interest.  This is dealt with under the Code of Conduct which all Councillors should be familiar with. 


As per Standing Orders 15 and 16, Policy which are already in place, the work of the Town Clerk is undertaken by another Member of Staff, this is the Head of Operations either during periods of sickness or if necessary in a Conflict of Interest scenario. 


Extract from Standing Orders;



a                 The Proper Officer shall be either (i) the clerk or (ii) other staff member(s) nominated by the Council to undertake the work of the Proper Officer when the Proper Officer is absent.


a                 The Council shall appoint appropriate staff member(s) to undertake the work of the Responsible Financial Officer when the Responsible Financial Officer is absent.

Members are requested to note this report.

6.               AMENDMENT TO STANDING ORDER 19(C)

On the recommendation of the Establishment Sub Committee, the Council isrequested to agree the following amendment (shown in italics);


c             Any two Members of Establishment Sub Committee shall upon a resolution and appropriate training conduct a review of the performance and annual appraisal of the work of the Town Clerk.  The reviews and appraisal shall be reported in writing and are subject to approval by resolution of the Establishment Sub Committee.

7.               DATE OF NEXT MEETING

To note that the next meeting of the Council is 11th November 2020.

On the advice of the Monitoring Officer, Cllr Brandon and the Town Clerk will be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business.


Recommended to RESOLVE that the press and public be excluded for the following item as their presence would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.


(i)               Decision Notice



Distribution: All Councillors