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5th January 2021


Dear Councillor,


This is to inform you that the meeting of the Resources and Policy Committee will be held via Zoom 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th January 2021, to which you are summoned, for the transaction of the following business.  You can join the Zoom Meeting here




Meeting ID: 879 5052 6114

Passcode: 630438


Yours sincerely,




C. A. Lloyd

Town Clerk




1.               APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

            To receive apologies for absence, if any.

2.               QUESTION TIME

            The first fifteen minutes of the Meeting will be given over to questions from members of the public on issues relating to the work of the Committee.


Members are reminded to make any declarations of disclosable pecuniary and/or personal interests that they may have in relation to items on this Agenda.


You should declare at this part of the meeting or when it becomes apparent your interest by stating:


(a)        the item you have the interest in

(b)        whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest and the nature of the interest, whereupon you will not participate in the discussion or vote on that matter, unless dispensation has been requested and granted

(c)        whether it is a personal interest and the nature of the interest


Members are also reminded of their obligation to report any amendment to their Register of Interests to the Town Clerk as soon as it becomes apparent.

4.               MINUTES

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Meetings held on 14th October 2020 (copy attached).


In accordance with Standing Order 12;


a.     The draft minutes of a preceding meeting having been served on councillors with the agenda to attend the meeting at which they are due to be approved for accuracy, shall be taken as read.

b.     There shall be no discussion about the draft minutes of the preceding meeting except in relation to their accuracy. A motion to correct an inaccuracy in the draft minutes shall be moved in accordance with standing order 10(a)(i).

c.      The accuracy of draft minutes, including any amendment(s) made to them, shall be confirmed by resolution and shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting and stand as an accurate record of the meeting to which the minutes relate.

  1. If the chairman of the meeting does not consider the minutes to be an accurate record of the meeting to which they relate, they shall sign the minutes and include a paragraph in the following terms or to the same effect:

“The chairman of this meeting does not believe that the minutes of the meeting of the (   ) held on [date] in respect of (   ) were a correct record but their view was not upheld by the meeting and the minutes are confirmed as an accurate record of the proceedings.”


To note the actions report from previous meetings (attached)


6.               DRAFT BUDGET 2021/22

To consider the attached draft budgets for 2021/22.

7.               DATE OF NEXT MEETING

The date of the next meeting is .



Members:        Cllr T. Wiltshire, Cllr Margaret Eames-Petersen, Cllr Brennan, Cllr MacKay, Cllr Percival 

Ex-officio voting Members: Cllrs Brandon and Juggins


For Information: All other Members of the Council.















6th July 2020

Tree planting report (to Sport & Leisure Cttee)


Head of Estates

To next meeting 25th Nov 2020

20th August 2020

Call deHavilland Grange Working Group


Cllr Eames-Petersen

Date set for 11th January 2021

3rd Sept 2020 & 14th Oct 2020

Officers to look at Revenue streams and decrease in revenue and bring reports back reports to future meetings


Head of Operations


14th Oct 2020

Advice or Training for Cllrs

Head of Ops

5 hours Completed


14th Oct 2020

Requests for land acquisition – enquirers notified of Committee response

Town Clerk







1.) Overview of 2020 – 2021 Budget:


2.) Where are we now? 

3.) 2021 – 2022 Budget Approach

Having just gone into Lockdown it is difficult to say what the Co-Vid situation will be like in April 2021 but we have prepared for the worst.  The Prime Minister’s worst case scenario is that things will not return to normal until 5th April 2021 i.e. Easter 2021.


1.)        We have stripped back our expected income to £232,063.00 (£182k coming from Birchwood).


2.)        There is no budget lines for bars at either hall, this will have to be discussed at Committee before reopening and funding from reserves. Viability is necessary to supporting the reopening.


3.)        We propose to make staff changes subject to discussion by Establishment Sub Committee:


4.)        Event costs have been stripped back as we can’t see when these will be able to be run. The proposal is to pause and review when we know that they can be offered.


5.)        There are no budget lines for Repairs and Maintenance to any of our premises, this will have to be brought to Committee for approval out of reserves to keep on top of costs.


6.)        The Head of Estates has trimmed work to pitches for the year thus reducing his budgets to assist with funding


7.) There is a significant amount of tree work to be undertaken hence the additional £10,000 in reserves for tree work, this is a matter of health and safety and cannot be delayed.


8.) Howe Dell Hall is still being used by the School for which they are very grateful so will not incur any costs to the Council except for Business Rates.


9.) There is no budget for architect fees, this will need Council approval and to come out of reserves as and when any projects progress.  This will ensure that no expenditure is incurred without prior approval of the council. 


What are the three options?


Regardless of reducing our cost base we have seen our reserves reduce and we are unsure what income we will take next year.  We are at the minimum expected reserves with no capital reserves at all now.


We have produced three budgets with a 0% increase, 3.5% increase and 8% increase 


Note there are no budget lines in any of the options for Repairs and Maintenance to any of our premises. The only difference in the budgets is the amount allocated to our reserve for one off requests. These requests will have to be brought to Committee for approval.  This is to control what is being spent (note anything that is not used can be put back into our overall reserve at the end of the financial year and earmarked for capital projects.)


Option 1: 0% provides a £76,000 reserve  



Option 2: 3.5% provides £107,000 reserve  

Option 3: 8% provides a £146,00 reserve  

What do we offer under each of these Budget Heads



Birchwood Leisure Centre and Playing Fields:

The 9.315 hectares of land at Birchwood comprises


Leisure Centre – Open 7 days per week 9am – 8pm

·      Sports Hall (4 badminton courts/basketball court/netball court/disability rugby)

·      Health & Wellness Suite

·      Pilates Studio

·      Children’s Indoor Play Area

·      Meeting room with wi-fi access which doubles as fitness studio for martial arts/yoga etc

·      Wellfield Trust Room (tenant)

·      100 parking spaces

·      Depot for grounds Team

·      Management bookings for all football, rugby and astro pitches

·      Hall and function bookings




Estates Team:



·        Acacia Street (also known as Cherry Tree Way), Hatfield AL10 8SZ


·        Birchwood Leisure Centre, Longmead, Hatfield, AL10 0AN


·        Roe Hill Hall Briars Lane, Hatfield AL10 8EY


·        Coppice Close Play Area, Coppice Close, Hatfield, AL10 9EF


·        Newstead Play Area, Newstead, Hatfield AL10 9DH


·        Millwards Play Area, Millwards, Hatfield, AL10 8UP


·        Newgate Street, Newgate Street Village SG13 8RP


·        Lemsford Village Hall, Lemsford AL8 7TT


·        Chipmunk Chase Play Area, Chipmunk Chase, Hatfield AL10 10 9GH


·        Ellenbrook Play Area, Ellenbrook Lane, Hatfield AL10 9RW


·        Sovereign Place Play Area, Princes Gate, Hatfield AL9 5ET


·        Queen Bee Court Play Area, Queen Bee Court, Hatfield, AL10 9PR


·        Mulberry Mead Play Area, Mulberry Mead, Hatfield AL10 9EH


·        Daffodil Close Play Area, Daffodil Close, Hatfield AL10 9FF


·        Tigermoth Way Play Area, Tigermoth Way, Hatfield AL10 9LT


·        Poppy Walk Play Area, Poppy Walk, Hatfield AL10 9FP


·        Gorse Way Play Area, Gorse Way, Hatfield AL10 9GS


·        St Albans Rd East Recreation Ground, St Albans Rd East AL10 0NG


·        The are open spaces such as deHavilland Grange and Centenary Park and formal gardens such as Horsa Gardens, Cornation Gardens and the War Memorial Gardens, also kept neat and tidy by the Grounds Team.

·        The Estates Team manage 4 halls, Howe Dell (currently being used by Howe Dell school, Oxlease House, Lemsford Village Hall and Roe Hill Hall.  This entails all health and safety checks, maintenance and cleanliness, as well as opening and locking and showing around potential hirers.

·        The Head of Estates oversees both the Grounds and Estates Teams and carries out the Health and Safety risk assessments for the staff and properties as well as ensuring that the licences and certificates are up to date.


Recommendation to Committee


Whilst acknowledging the effect on residents, to maintain a sustainable service, Officers feel that they are obliged to recommend that an 8% increase at Band D be recommended to Council.