27th January 2021

Dear Councillor,


This is to inform you that a meeting of the Sport and Leisure Committee will be held via Zoom at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3rd February 2021, to which you are summoned, for the transaction of the following business.



Meeting ID: 857 8307 5083

Passcode: 511215


One tap mobile – 0203 481 5237


Yours sincerely,


C.A. Lloyd

Town Clerk


1.               APOLOGIES

            To receive apologies for absence, if any.

2.               QUESTION TIME

The first fifteen minutes of the meeting will be given over to questions from members of the public on issues relating to the work of the Committee.


Members are reminded to make any declarations of disclosable pecuniary and/or personal interests that they may have in relation to items on this Agenda.


You should declare at this part of the meeting or when it becomes apparent your interest by stating:


(a)        the item you have the interest in

(b)        whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest and the nature of the interest, whereupon you will not participate in the discussion or vote on that matter, unless dispensation has been requested and granted

(c)        whether it is a personal interest and the nature of the interest


Members are also reminded of their obligation to report any amendment to their Register of Interests to the Town Clerk as soon as it becomes apparent.

4.               MINUTES

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 9th September 2020.


In accordance with Standing Order 12;

a         The draft minutes of a preceding meeting having been served on councillors with the agenda to attend the meeting at which they are due to be approved for accuracy, shall be taken as read.

b         The draft minutes of a preceding meeting having been served on councillors with the agenda to attend the meeting at which they are due to be approved for accuracy, shall be taken as read.

c     There shall be no discussion about the draft minutes of the preceding meeting except in relation to their accuracy. A motion to correct an inaccuracy in the draft minutes shall be moved in accordance with standing order 10(a)(i).


d     The accuracy of draft minutes, including any amendment(s) made to them, shall be confirmed by resolution and shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting and stand as an accurate record of the meeting to which the minutes relate.


e     If the chairman of the meeting does not consider the minutes to be an accurate record of the meeting to which they relate, they shall sign the minutes and include a paragraph in the following terms or to the same effect:

       “The chairman of this meeting does not believe that the minutes of the meeting of the (   ) held on [date] in respect of (   ) were a correct record but their view was not upheld by the meeting and the minutes are confirmed as an accurate record of the proceedings.”

5.               TREE REPORT STAGE 5 – JAN 2021


To consider the attached report from the Head of Estates



6.               ELLENBROOK PLAY AREA


To consider the attached report



7.               DATE OF NEXT MEETING


The next Sport and Leisure Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesday 26th May 2021.



All of our sites, have had the trees numbered (tagged) and surveyed. Which is approx. 1200 trees over approx. 70 acres.

We have the new sites (Bovis) that will need tagging and surveying. Now they have been transferred to us, I will act upon this. This will cost approx. £1200- which will come from the S106.

Survey Results

There were approx. 100 trees that needed work doing that I could carry out in house, we have covered everything we can from critical to 2 years- in priority status. This included lifting crowns, cutting ivy, lower limb removal, deadwooding and basal growth- This has been completed by the groundstaff.

There are approx. 200 trees that need our tree surgeon to work on, which includes deadwooding, pollarding, crown lifting and tree removal. Again, this is covering from critical to 2 years- in priority status.


My tree planting scheme will consist of replanting trees in a very cautious way. I am someone who treasures the environment, having worked at a school that won the ‘Be Green’ award for the 12 years I was there. Although I am also realistic and feel that trees, cost money- for buying and maintaining. I am currently trying to source free trees, which are difficult to get hold of at present (due to the pandemic) and also come very small and need lots of TLC. Nevertheless I will aim to source some free trees and plant some of them.


If any Councillor wishes to have more detail please contact me directly for more information – Phone 01707 280400 or Alistair.ogilvie@hatfield-herts.gov.uk


Report by A. Ogilvie, Head of Estates



Following on from the last Sport & Leisure Committee meeting in September, the Head of Estates met with Groundwork Trust representative who has written to the Council as follows;


“Following our meeting on site last week I note below the details regarding the works to remedy the two matters discussed.


Basketball hoop location - Hatfield Town Council is instructing the basketball hoop to be relocated to face the outdoor gym area. Hatfield Town Council is aware of the risks that stray balls may hit users of the outdoor gym. It is also to be noted that users of the basketball facility will be facing the south west and therefore throwing the ball into the sun in the afternoon / evening times, which was a key reason for this location not being chosen initially.


The work required to relocate the basketball unit includes breaking out a small section of tarmac to facilitate the removal of the legs, then patching up the tarmac to make good the affected area.  There will also be the breaking out of tarmac at the other end of the facility to install the unit reusing the existing legs with new foundations, and again making good the tarmac surface.  The lining will also be modified to accommodate the new direction. The current lines will be blacked out and new lines remarked in anti slip paint.


The ridge to the centre of the tarmac area caused by the delay in laying the second part will be rectified by SLC. The proposal is to heat up the affected area and recompact. If this still provides an unsatisfactory surface then a strip of tarmac will be excavated and new tarmac laid.


It is disappointing that it is felt that moving the location of the hoop is needed since the facility has proved so popular in its current layout. The Trust has agreed to cover the costs of the relocation from its charitable funds so as to preserve our working relationship with you. The need for a new RoSPA post installation inspection has been discussed with the company who undertook the survey on completion of the works in January and they do not see a need for an additional survey on the relocation of the hoop.


Please can you confirm in writing that Hatfield Town Council understands the proposed work, does require these works to be undertaken and that you appreciate there will be some disruption to facilitate the works”


The snagging period for the works has expired and the Council must make a decision on this at this meeting.


Members are requested to confirm their understanding of this report and that they wish to proceed with this course of action.


Report by C. Lloyd, Town Clerk with input from A. Ogilvie Head of Estates and Groundwork East