Minutes of the meeting of the Health and Safety Sub Committee held via Zoom on 3rd February 2021 at 11am


Councillor J. Brennan - Chairman

Councillor H. Laming (substitute for Cllr Juggins)

Councillor L. Mendez



C. Lloyd (Town Clerk)

S. Frake (Head of Operations)

1.               APOLOGIES

Cllr C. Juggins.

2.               ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN

Cllr Brennan was elected Chairman of the meeting.

3.               RISK ASSESSMENTS 2020/21

Members noted the Councilsí Risk Assessments for 2020/21.It was noted that the Councilís Internal Auditor had requested the Risk Assessments on Governance and Administrative Procedures.


Officers were tasked with ensuring that all Amber risks were reduced to Green risks wherever possible.


It was noted that a Stress Policy was urgently required and this should be discussed at the next meeting.


RESOLVED that the risk assessments be approved.


4.               DATE OF NEXT MEETING

10th March 2021 at 11am


Closure: 11.25am