Minutes of the meeting of the Sport & Leisure Committee held via Zoom on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 7.30pm.


Councillor C. Juggins (Chairman for the meeting)

Councillor L. Brandon

Councillor M Eames-Petersen (substitute for Cllr L. Newman)

Councillor R. Griffiths

Councillor L. Mendez


C. Lloyd (Town Clerk)

S. Frake (Head of Operations)

A. Ogilvie (Head of Estates)

P. Medowski (Health & Well Being Manager)

13.            CHAIRMAN

Councillor Juggins chaired the meeting in the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman.


The Chairman advised that she would take Agenda Item 6 immediately after Public Question Time.

14.            APOLOGIES

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor R Brisbin (connection problems), Councillor Percival (childcare) and Councillor L. Newman (no reason given).


Not present with no apologies given; Cllr Craig and Cllr Mackay.

15.            QUESTION TIME

Representatives of Ellenbrook Area Residents Association spoke about the new Play area, its positives and the negatives caused by its success.


The requested that sound reduction methods be considered for the site particularly to reduce the sounds from the basketball court.They also raised concerns about parking in the area.



Members noted the anti-social behaviour and problems with the basketball hoop installed on site.


Inspection reports had identify the court as low risk and this had been provided to the Council when the work was signed off. ††Groundwork were made aware of safety concerns about balls potentially hitting users after the last Sport and Leisure Committee meeting and the suggestion was made that the hoop be moved to the other side of the court. Groundwork identified that this option could however effect users of the outdoor gym as there is no fence and the move also required playing directly into the sun at the time of day when teenagers are more likely to be playing. In the interests of maintaining a relationship with the Council, Groundwork accepted the financial responsibility for moving the hoop.


In considering the problem of noise nuisance it was recognised that the simplest option would be to remove the hoop which would leave the surfaced area for general play. This could be done temporarily and straight away to see the effect.

The surface could be treated to deaden noise, however Members recognised that it may affect the bounce and will not address the sound of the ball bouncing on the back board. A rough estimate for the application of an EPDM rubber layer would be in the region of £7,500 plus VAT, and additional costs for the provision of lines.

Acoustic fencing would be expensive and could detract from the aesthetic value of the park. It was likely to require planning permission and may cause other issues by providing a barrier that people can hide behind, kick a ball against, graffiti plus ongoing maintenance issues.

Tree planting may not be sufficient, nor quick enough to address the scale of the issues being reported, however, Members considered this an acceptable course of action.



(i)               The Head of Estates remove the hoop and back board temporarily to see the effect on noise to local residents;

(ii)              The Head of Estates look at the Councilís portfolio for suitable, alternative sites for a basketball court should the whole structure need removing;

(iii)            The Town Clerk advise Groundwork of the Councilís temporary measures;

(iv)            The Town Clerk contact the Councilís landlord regarding the planting of trees on site.


Action: Head of Estates / Town Clerk


There were none.

18.            MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held on 9th September 2020 were approved as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman in due course.


19.            TREE REPORT

Members noted the report of the Head of Estates.

20.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING

Noted that the next scheduled meeting would be 26th May 2021 at 7.30pm.



Closure: 8.15pm