Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday 24th March 2021 via Zoom at 7.30pm.  

PRESENT:     Councillor Linda Mendez (Chairman)

Councillor Jackie Brennan (Vice Chairman)

Councillor Richard Brisbin

Councillor Margaret Eames-Petersen

OFFICER:  Carrie Lloyd (Town Clerk)

77.            APOLOGIES

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Hazel Laming and Councillor Juggins.

78.            QUESTION TIME

There were none.

79.            MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 10th MARCH 2021

The minutes of the meeting held on 10th March 2021were agreed as an accurate record and will be signed by the Chairman at a later date.


There were none.

81.            APPLICATIONS

Application Number






1 Crawford Road Hatfield AL10 0PF

Retrospective application for erection of single storey rear extension




58 St Albans Road East Hatfield AL10 0EH

Erection of a one and half storey community centre with ancillary prayer space following the demolition of the existing structure


We agree with the objection from Parking services as statements in plans are incorrect and parking on verges etc as described is not permitted. Parking on site or nearby is seen as inadequate.

Proposing to open at 4.00am in summer months and open until 11.30pm daily. Full programme of classes from 9.30am until 22.00 staffed by external trained professionals. 2 full time and 3 part time staff = lots of cars there for quite some time.

Planned maximum capacity 125 users. Stewards planned for Friday prayers. Afterschool and Saturday mornings likely to be very busy. CCTV will be installed. Arabic language classes for example.  This is a very large capacity building for a very small site.


Building is definitely 2 storey and at highest point is same as St Luke’s Church which makes it very dominant next to a Grade 2 listed building..


Only 1 disabled parking space?  Wheelchair access upstairs is not shown.


Upstairs completely separate from down and so using both for a single event will not work. Only way to get upstairs from down is to go outside and back in.  If this is a Community Centre there should be a connection downstairs to upstairs, if this is a mosque please change the description of the application.


No fire escape exit obvious from the upper hall.


Dusk to dawn lighting outside entrances. Will this create light pollution?  No environment impact assessment for the bats in the cemetery.


Students have own provision on Campus and this provides community cohesion within the University.


Existing structure is old and in poor condition, it has asbestos, but it is still an iconic building and this new development does not give one single nod to the existing wooden structure in its development design.


Contractors parking indicated right outside St Luke’s. Impossible because of funerals etc.  This area was given to St Luke’s by Lord Salisbury for the Church especially for funerals.


Dorma style upper windows looks overpowering and inappropriate next to church. Some aspects of design compliment the church style. E.g pitched roof and colour palette.


Concern over impact on HTC land and what outdoor space the new hall will have. Comment from HTC as owner of Coronation Gardens as to access and trees. Children’s parties for example? Will they overflow into the Coronation Gardens which is a place of quiet sitting etc.

Some of trees mentioned in the 5 year old survey do not seem to be in the plot for this development. Either church or HTC trees.

Design is not sympathetic to any design concept within Hatfield.

We hope that the Borough Council help the applicant find a more suitable location to build a mosque in Welwyn Hatfield.

We understand that St Luke’s Church are submitting their own comments which we endorse.


41 Town Centre Hatfield AL10 0JJ

Connecting three commercial units into a single retail space with associated external alterations consisting of a new shop front, signage, glass canopy, first floor windows to font and rear elevation and applying self coloured render finish to the front façade




85 Drovers Way Hatfield AL10 0QB

Change of use from single dwelling (C3) to HMO (C4)


In this case only, Members do not object provided the neighbour’s comments are taken into account by the applicant.



14 Gorse Close Hatfield AL10 9DW

Erection of double storey side extension and single storey rear extension.


Members would wish to see a condition that construction vehicles cannot block access to the garages


48 The Ryde Hatfield AL9 5DL

Erection of a single storey rear extension




92 Chelwood Avenue Hatfield AL10 0RE

Erection of a rear extension and side porch




371 St Albans Road West Hatfield AL10 9RU

Erection of a single storey rear extension, front porch extension and a garage conversion




15 Greenfield Hatfield AL9 5HW

Erection of a two storey front and side extension




53 Clover Way Hatfield AL10 9FN

Erection of single storey rear extension




9 Broad Acres Hatfield AL10 9LE

Retrospective application for outbuilding and gazebo structure in the rear garden.


There are no details for the outbuilding.  Members note the water supply going in and waste water going out.  What is the proposed use of the building.

It is considered that these buildings are overwhelming on neighbours and significantly domineering in the rear garden.  A gazebo is a temporary structure, yet this is not temporary.  The ability for the chimney and barbeque to cause nuisance from smells is significant.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 7.30pm

CLOSED 8.45pm