Committee Membership 2021/22

Mayor: Councillor Richard Griffiths

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Mark Bolitho

Council Leader: Councillor Caron Juggins

Deputy Leader: Councillor Tristan Wiltshire

The Leader and Deputy Leader are ex-officio voting Members of each of the Committees (shown underlined).

Resources and Policy Committee: (5 Members)

Chairman: Cllr. T. Wiltshire Vice Chairman: Cllr. C. Juggins

Members: Councillors Bolitho, Bond, Brennan

Sport and Leisure Committee: (7 Members plus Ex-Officio)

Chairman: Cllr. J. Percival Vice Chairman: Cllr. J. R. Bond

Members: Councillors Brisbin, Craig, Eames-Petersen, Griffiths, Juggins, Newman Wiltshire

Planning Committee: (7 Members plus Ex-Officio)

Chairman: Cllr J. Brennan Vice Chairman: Cllr. R. Craig

Members: Councillors Brisbin, Eames-Petersen, Juggins, Laming, Mackay, Mendez Wiltshire

Human Resources Sub Committee: (5 Members)

Chairman: Cllr. Caron Juggins Vice Chairman: Cllr T. Wiltshire

Members: Cllrs. Brennan, Percival and Craig

Capital Projects Sub Committee: (5 Members)

Members: Cllrs. Bond, Griffiths, Juggins, Eames-Petersen and Percival

Appeals Sub Committee - (3 Members)

All Members are Members of the Appeals Sub Committee provided they have not been involved with the matter under discussion beforehand.

Audit Sub Committee - (3 Members)

To be decided at Resources and Policy Committee

Health and Well-Being Sub Committee (3 non-senior Members and 3 non-senior Staff)

Cllrs Brennan, Juggins and Mendez

Joint Project Lead on de Havilland Grange Working Group

Cllrs Brisbin and Eames-Petersen

All Members are substitute members for their Political Party Members.