Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday 16th June 2021 via Zoom at 7.30pm.  

PRESENT:     Councillor Jackie Brennan (Chairman)

                        Councillor Linda Mendez

Councillor Margaret Eames-Petersen

OFFICER:  Carrie Lloyd (Town Clerk)


Cllr Brennan Chaired the meeting

2.               MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 28th APRIL 2021

The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

3.               QUESTION TIME

There were none.


There were none.

5.               APPLICATIONS

Decisions delegated to the Town Clerk


Application Number





34 Haseldine Meadows Hatfield AL10 8HB

Proposed change of use of amenity land to a private driveway with hardstanding to accommodate two parking spaces


Sad to see a green space go but support the application.  Could the applicant do off-set planting?



41 Clover Way Hatfield AL10 9FN

Loft conversion with rear windows and front skylights


Concerned at potential overlooking at rear into neighbouring properties.



3 Buttercup Close Hatfield AL10 9FH

Erection of a single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory; garage conversion and first floor extension over existing garage including front dormer


Support the objection from neighbour.  Creates a terrace of three houses which is not what was intended.  The neighbour rightly objects to the garage conversion on 3 points

·        Terracing of their house

·        The intrusive nature of the extensions to light and amenity of their property

·        The noise and intrusion from creating a party wall with their lounge.

The neighbour draws our attention to details that we did not have before and so it is not surprising that we come to a stronger conclusion.  The point regarding the neighbours window is particularly significant.



21 French Horn Lane Hatfield AL10 8AG

Change of use from HMO (6 x Rooms) to 2 x self-contained residential flats (1 x Studio, 1 x 2-bed) with erection of single storey rear extension.


Members object to the lack of parking on site, to state that it will be commuters using the flats is not acceptable reason for no parking.  The proposed flats are too small to allow for working from home so the occupants will have to have means of getting to and from their place of work.  It is known that car travel is predominant in Hatfield.

There are already too many commuter flats in the area and more family homes are needed, this needs converting back to the family home it was.    The upper flat has very poor access to the designated outdoor space. There is no fire escape or defended space for the residents of the upper flat. The front gardens along French Horn Lane are full of bins already and this plan would mean 6 bins required to be stored making the frontage unsightly.


5 Breaks Road Hatfield AL10 8TR

Conversion of 5 and 7 Breaks Road into a single dwelling with alterations to the ground floor façade


No objection if this is for social housing only


2 Endymion Court Hatfield AL10 8AU

Erection of a single storey rear and side extension following demolition of existing conservatory and installation of front rooflight and rear dormer to facilitate loft extension.




13 Stag Green Avenue Hatfield AL9 5EB

Change of use of land from amenity to residential. Installation of a picket fence at the boundary no higher than 40 cm.


No objection as long as it not tarmacked or (non-porous) paved over.


Unit 1 Station Booking Hall Hatfield Railway Station 79 Great North Road Hatfield AL9 5AB

Change of use from retail (use class E(a)) to taxi booking office (sui generis)



133 Hazel Grove Hatfield AL10 9DY

Demolition of derelict lean to garage/storage and two storey rear and side extension



62 New Park Road Newgate Street Hertford SG13 8RF

Erection of first floor side extension above garage and linked to the first floor of the house



8 St Audreys Close Hatfield AL10 8UW

Erection of a single storey front extension


The extension is modest BUT looks like setting property up as HMO with 5 bedrooms.  Members question why there is a need for a first floor lounge when the whole downstairs is living space?



49 Lockley Crescent Hatfield AL10 0TL

Erection of single storey rear extension


Seems a strange plan – en-suite shower room to a music room?

The new Music Room cannot be accessed from within the house, only from external patio doors.

There is a music room in the Lounge too.



36 Holme Road Hatfield AL10 9LF

Demolition of single storey extension and garden shed, erection of single storey front and rear extensions to include alterations to openings on existing side elevation and change of external finish



6.               NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN

Members noted the draft that Cllr Brennan had been working on as a start to the Neighbourhood Plan Document.


Cllrs Brennan and Eames-Petersen agreed to meet to layout the proposal for the grant application to Locality and report to Council on 28th July.


Cllr Brennan undertook to ask other Members of the Council to join a Working Group to move this item forward.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Tuesday 13th July 2021 at 7.30pm


CLOSED 9.30pm