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27th October 2021



Dear Councillor


This is to inform you that the Meeting of the Council will be held in The Sportsman, Birchwood Leisure Centre, Longmead, Hatfield AL10 0AN at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd November 2021, to which you are summoned, for the transaction of the following business.




Yours sincerely,


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C A Lloyd

Town Clerk




2.               MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENT

3.               APOLOGIES

           To receive apologies and reasons for absence (if any) and approve that absence for purposes of the “6 month rule”.


              To note declarations of Members’ personal interests or personal and prejudicial interests in respect of items on this Agenda.

5.               MINUTES

              To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Council meetings held on 28th July 2021.  Copies attached and available to view & download at https://hatfield-herts.gov.uk/council-meetings-2



In accordance with Standing Order 12;

a.       The draft minutes of a preceding meeting having been served on councillors with the agenda to attend the meeting at which they are due to be approved for accuracy, shall be taken as read.

b.       There shall be no discussion about the draft minutes of the preceding meeting except in relation to their accuracy. A motion to correct an inaccuracy in the draft minutes shall be moved in accordance with standing order 10(a)(i).

c.       The accuracy of draft minutes, including any amendment(s) made to them, shall be confirmed by resolution and shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting and stand as an accurate record of the meeting to which the minutes relate.

d.       If the chairman of the meeting does not consider the minutes to be an accurate record of the meeting to which they relate, they shall sign the minutes and include a paragraph in the following terms or to the same effect:

       “The chairman of this meeting does not believe that the minutes of the meeting of the (   ) held on [date] in respect of (   ) were a correct record but their view was not upheld by the meeting and the minutes are confirmed as an accurate record of the proceedings.”

6.               QUESTION TIME

              Fifteen minutes of the Meeting will be given over to questions from members of the public on issues relating to the work of the Council.

7.               PRESENTATION BY GREEN TRIANGLE (at 7.45pm)

Presentation by Green Triangle on the proposed Community Consultation for a football pitch / sports complex at Birchwood Playing Fields.

8.               HOWE DELL HALL

To note the Community Consultation carried out by Howe Dell School and receive an update on the Town Council’s lease.

9.               VACANCY

To authorise the Clerk to advertise the casual vacancy in South West Ward caused by a Councillor’s non-attendance at meetings for 6 consecutive months.


To appoint 1 representative on the Wellfield Trust – preferably not a Councillor.  If Members wish to make a nomination, would they kindly ask the nominee if they are prepared to stand BEFORE this Council meeting.


8th September 2021 – Resources & Policy Committee

15th September 2021 – Planning Committee

22nd September 2021 – Sport & Leisure Committee

13th October 2021 – Planning Committee

20th October 2021 – Planning Committee

20th October 2021 – Resources & Policy Committee

Minutes available to view at www.hatfield-herts.gov.uk


To note the resignation of the Town Clerk and to approve (or otherwise) Council HR & Governance Support (current HR advisors) to assist with the Council’s recruitment process (maximum cost of £1,900) and authorise the HR Sub Committee to appoint to post.


To consider the Council’s response to  PL/0232/21.  Available to view here; Planning Register | Hertfordshire County Council 



14.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING

To note that the next meeting of the Council is 19th January 2022 to set the Precept amongst other matters.





Community Hall Consultation Feedback 2021


Community consultation feedback resulting in 88 responses. Questions and answers below (please note some response were answered N/A and were therefore not included).



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·        Access to the hall during the pandemic has been vital not only to my child's wellbeing but also to my own. The use of the space has given me the confidence and reassurance that the staff were able to operate safely and within the guidelines

·        He just loved all of it. Indoor and outdoor. 

·        My daughter liked it.

·        They will be happy

·        Like having separate gender toilets and bigger space. Also loves the outdoor area.

·        Yes, she enjoys it a lot.

·        My children have found the space far more enjoyable to be in despite various bubble restrictions being in place.

·        They enjoyed it but didn't comment on any difference compared to before.

·        My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time during breakfast club and having the option to play outside

·        She has enjoyed being in the bigger space and having the outdoor space just there to play in.

·        Yes, my son loved the Community Hall and he says its more spacious than before and can play outside.

·        Yes, she did enjoy the outside space

·        Yes. More space and access to outside

·        Enjoyable inside and outside

·        They enjoyed it. Access to outside space is very important.

·        Yes, definitely have loved the outside space especially in summer.

·        It’s been brilliant, they love the outside space and access to the pitches. It’s made a massive difference.

·        My child have not used during pandemic but before it her karate club used to run there and we had been to couple of social gatherings there before pandemic and always liked it.

·        My daughter really enjoys After School Club, and having the space of a larger building has made it even better. The children are less cramped and have their "own space". The outside space is a huge bonus, particularly if we do not get an opportunity to go for a walk that day, I know she has had some outside time after school.

·        My children have loved using the Extended Services, they have so much fun and due to the extra space even through the restrictions and bubbles needed they have still been able to enjoy all the activities that are put on.

·        My son loves After School Club. He hasn’t experience what it used to be like but enjoys the space and activities provided

·        We used the hall for a meeting and this was a nice quiet space.

·        Yes, very much so

·        Haven’t a child at the school

·        Not accessed but hired for a birthday party a few times and the hall is a lovely size as well as the outdoor space and will definitely hire again in the future.

·        Not yet accessed the services

·        It makes no difference - in the room the kids had before in the school they still went outside to play.

·        Thoroughly enjoyed the space to play and learn

·        Our boys attend Breakfast Club and ASC. The larger space has been fantastic. They much prefer it to the old space

·        Haven't used the service

·        Enjoyed outside space



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·        Good space. Close. Parking. Good for school community

·        The space means staff can operate safely and within the guidelines. This provides reassurance to parents and carers alike. The service is brilliant, the staff are committed and professional and it is a much needed service to the community during such uncertain times. It provides continuity for the children and is a safe haven for the children.

·        If the building is empty and no After School Class in that moment, I don´t see why the building could not be used for something else.

·        It is clean and spacious.

·        It’s nice and spacious for good family if 20 ..definitely recommended

·        Services regarding activities for the children, food available and staff's care and are fantastic. the wrap around care with play-scheme for the community is a great asset too.

·        I had chance to attend few times at the party in there and it was nice. The hall is big and in good condition.

·        The staff really care for the children and it is evident in how the children talk about them. The provision is flexible and built around the needs of working parents.

·        Used it for a few parties in the past. Would like to do again soon

·        Varied activity and large outdoor space

·        Its spacious, clean with all amenities.

·        Not used

·        Lovely space

·        We have had family events in the hall before and it’s local, clean, spacious, has parking and toilets

·        Good staff, nice space

·        In the past my daughter had her karate lessons in the same hall which was perfect for us as it’s so close to home. However, now her lessons have moved to Welwyn which has meant longer travel times. I think hiring the hall out for activities and lessons that help children and the local community should be encouraged more.

·        Good size, clean kitchen and able to open the doors to outside space

·        I don’t mind referring the Community Hall to friends and family for their birthday parties and other special occasions for weekends

·        I’ve been enjoying many birthdays in the Community Hall. It’s a nice and big place for many activities.

·        It’s a very welcoming atmosphere and best of all very local

·        Accessible and convenient

·        It’s a large open space, always clean

·        I have used the hall for special occasions previously - even for my daughter’s birthday. It is a fantastic room to host these celebrations

·        Great staff and range of activities that enrich the children's experiences.

·        Is a great place

·        Great provision

·        Decent size, away from road, access to outdoor space, kitchenette

·        Lovely venue.

·        As it is a Community Hall

·        Excellent space and facility

·        Good size hall with easy access to kitchen

·        Useful and nice space

·        Good size hall, has own kitchen and plenty of parking.

·        Excellently managed

·        Good venue and ease of access

·        The teachers and teaching assistants are very helpful.

·        Howe Dell is a fantastic school that offers great care and Extended Services and really has its community at the heart of it all

·        Big capacity, good location

·        Enclosed space with good facilities, parking and hopefully at a reasonable cost

·        Have used the hall before restrictions. Local and convenient

·        Good for the community

·        Close proximity to the school

·        It’s a big and spacious hall in beautiful surroundings

·        I would because of the location. Like I said having access to outside space would be great too, plus also the cost of the hire, plus use of tables and chairs would all be key factors to consider for anyone when hiring the hall.

·        As long as it was left as a state it was given in and no damage to resources/equipment

·        The hall is extremely versatile and to be able to hire it with its facilities and outside space makes it more accessible to the wider community.

·        Hall is a good size with access to a car park so handy for an event

·        My kids grew up in Howe Dell, and they were in After School Club all their years. Where they learnt a lot and were happy. Staff were always brilliant.

·        This would help in revenue generation.

·        Our child loves the Extended Services and especially now during summer they can access the outside space and play with their friends. Also, the hall is spacious enough and kept them in their bubbles during the pandemic, which was assuring!

·        It’s a great clean facility with outside space. I have been to birthday events there and had one booked before lockdown.

·        Friendly and helpful.

·        As I stated before, I have attended few gatherings there with friends and family and always liked the place. It is fully equipped with things you need.

·        Nice size hall and kitchen area in a great location

·        It’s a good size and location

·        To support the school.

·        Great support to parents, and the children love it! My daughter has requested to go on additional days!

·        We have attended a party previously here and it is a good size with good facilities

·        It’s a lovely big space and my children's time here has been invaluable and has given them joy in a very unsettling year for them.

·        It is a good space and has good facilities

·        We have attended parties, karate club, and other events at the hall and it’s been brilliant. Easy access and parking, good toilets and kitchen space and a safe garden too

·        From photos I've seen looks like a bright clean space with catering facilities

·        I have had/been to children’s parties in the hall and it is perfectly set up for this.

·        It's good

·        Good place for birthday party

·        It has everything you need to host a party, perfect size for children’s party’s and the outdoor space is a plus.

·        Based on feedback from others

·        It’s a convenient and affordable local venue

·        It's a big space and you get access to the outside space as well, so very good for a birthday party with lots of children

·        Great space

·        How does this affect karate? Many of the children would attend karate in the Community Hall after school one day a week.

·        I have previous used the space for a party

·        Lovely space with kitchen and outdoor area

·        It’s a good sized hall

·        We hope to use the Extended Services for our children at some point in the future and have heard excellent things regarding the provision

·        Great space

·        I have been to kid’s birthday parties there and the indoor space is a good size. It has also ways looked clean and well kept on the few occasions I have been in there.

·        Really nice size hall and kitchen have used this venue in the past has been really good

·        I've voted in the hall and that’s as far as I've seen it - but it looks like a fantastic asset.

·        I have been to the hall for previous events and its great

·        It's too expensive for the time you get there.

·        Excellent care and activities for children.

·        Good size with kitchen/parking facilities



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·       To remove this service away from the school would be devastating and would have a detrimental effect on parents and children alike. The children need the continuity and stability. The service is seamless, and there is absolutely no logic or rationale for removing it. They would not be able to provide the same level of service if moved to a smaller venue in the current climate.

·       Allowing the school to continue using the Community Hall as a base is a perfect way to serve the needs of the community and enable the children and parents to thrive.

·       It will be really helpful if you can continue the Extended Services in Community Hall rather than the day care hall as before.

·       I have asked before could I book the Community hall for a birthday. However, the service was not available. So, I would welcome the use of the community hall for events, such as birthday

·       Leadership at Howe Dell was key for its success. They have picked right staff and placed at suitable roles.

·       It is quite nice hall with all the facilities like car park, toilet, kitchen, additional room for buggies or anything you wish to keep there in case of hosting a party, and outdoor space. Good place for small party.

·       We nearly booked this hall for my daughter’s party just before lockdown. Was sadly cancelled. Will definitely be booking it again if needed.

·       Please keep the Community Hall as the location of After School Club. It’s been exactly what the children need.

·       The Extended Services team are amazing and have keep the clubs’ fun and exciting even in these very challenging times. This service has made a very big positive difference to my family in a very challenging year!

·       How does this affect karate? Many of the children would attend karate in the Community Hall after school one day a week.

·        Important space for the school. Would be great for the school to keep it

·       I would really like to use it for a birthday party in September and potentially once a month for an event for my business - if the hire charges made it viable.


Once further advice has been received from the County Council regarding the lease, Officers will conduct a further Community Survey and report back to Members.


Strategic Plan

Reducing costs




Access to the Hall must include Community use




Crime & Disorder




The School will not have to pay business rates whereas the Council does.


Resources (including workforce)



Risk Management

Community use will be part of any sub-lease


Legal Implications

In accordance with Standing Order 7;

A resolution shall not be reversed within six months except either by a special motion, which requires written notice by at least 5 Councillors to be given to the Proper Officer in accordance with standing order 9, or by a motion moved in pursuance of the recommendation of a committee or a sub-committee.


On 23rd June 2021 this Council resolved that the Town Clerk commence discussions with the County Council to work out the best way to hand the lease over to Howe Dell School and support community use, specifically looking to add a clause to the current lease to permit sub letting to the School.


At present investigations are on going.


In relation to Standing Order 7. no motion described above has been received, therefore, there is no discussion on this agenda item other than leasing the Hall to the school.







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There is a vacancy on the above Council caused by a Councillor not attending any meetings for 6 months.


On receipt of a request in writing from ten local government electors for the ward, a by-election to fill the vacancy will be held.  Any request for an election should be sent to the Returning Officer of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, and must be received by 24th November 2021.


The Returning Officer’s address is:

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Council Offices

The Campus

Welwyn Garden City



Email; elections@welhat.gov.uk


If no such request is received, the Town Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.




Dated 4th November 2021




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Ms. C. Lloyd FCG

Town Clerk

Hatfield Town Council

Birchwood Leisure Centre



Herts AL10 0AN






HR and Governance Support Quotation

FAO Carrie Lloyd

Hatfield Town Council

Birchwood Leisure Centre,



AL10 0AN




Further to your request for a quotation to provide recruitment support to Hatfield Town Council to recruit a new Town Clerk please see below our quotation.


We have given below our maximum fees to support the interview process in its entirety. As with all of our quotes the below are maximum fees so if we spend less time on any aspect we will charge accordingly. If we overrun in any area we will bear that cost ourselves. You can therefore be assured that the below are the maximum fees. They do not include accommodation and travel for the two-day interview. We will not charge the full mileage fee but instead charge a capped £100 plus accommodation which is usually about £100 in total at a budget hotel.


Review the existing JD and Contract of employment to ensure fit for purpose and accurately reflects the aspirations and strategy of the Council as well as the existing skill base within the Council. Including discussing new design with existing clerk and lead Councillors, preferably via zoom.

Maximum fee £150


Developing a bespoke digital recruitment brochure, for which we would require some support to supply pictures, and agree introduction from the Mayor as well as other background documents and facts and figures.

Maximum fee £150


Advise the Council on its marketing strategy and thereafter market the post via typically 10 – 14 mediums, including designing adverts, arranging adverts to go in place, approaching third parties to secure adverts and contacting known people in the sector who may be interested in the post.

Maximum fee £350 (not including for third party fees to place advert)


Manage application process, receive applications, evaluate and present recommendations to selection panel on shortlisting

Maximum fee £300


Draw up bespoke interview process and questions in consultation with interview panel.

Maximum fee £150


Attend two days of interviews on site, support Councillors in selection process including undertaking detailed research on applicants. Ensure applicants are able to answer practitioner questions competently and demonstrate transferable skill from past experiences and personality type.

Maximum fee £700 plus expenses


If you would like to secure a recent experience of working with us to successfully recruit a Town Clerk this can be arranged via Thame Town Council, Chard Town Council or Lancing Parish Council.

If you require anything further please do let me know, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are able.


Kind regards


James Corrigan



Council HR and Governance Support


Personal profile  James Corrigan

James has been the head of paid service at three large pioneering and innovative Town Councils over a period of 22 years prior to which he was a practicing Local Government lawyer for 11 years. A leader who enables individual and team building and development to ensure the best possible service.


James was a National Advisor (part -time) for the SLCC for 10 years giving primarily HR advice to Clerks. Building on this he qualified as a full member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Achieving many HR successes including leading the first Council (of any size) to complete single status, first Town council to secure Investors in People and supporting two Moderna Apprentices to win national awards. He uniquely now provides qualified HR support to Councils as a highly experienced former Town Clerk.


During his time as a Town Clerk / Chief Executive notable successes were achieved including;

                  Winner of National Council of the Year

                  First Council in the Country to achieve Investors in People status

                  First Council in the Country to complete single status review

                  First Local Council to achieve 5 Green Flag Awards

                  Secured in excess of £3 million in grants over a four-year period

                  Winner of Princes Trust award for services to youth

                 Developing business plans resulting in the biggest grossing commercial income Town Council in the Country at over £1.7 million per annum

                 Developing large capital projects including £2 million football Academy and £1.7 million restaurant and golf venue

                 Re-designed a medium sized Town Council from a one with 12 employees and a budgeted income of £950,000 to a large Town Council with 48 employees and a budgeted income of in excess of £2.4 million


Facilities and operations that have been managed include;

                 Restaurant and events venue generating in excess of £550,000 per annum revenue income

                  Theatre, restaurant and café facility generating in excess of £500,000 income

                  Award winning golf course running at an annual profit of over £100,000 per annum

                  A large youth football academy including 10 pitches, café and changing facility

                  Numerous events some attracting over 10,000 visitors

                 A vibrant profitable seafront including all cafes and concessions as well as beach huts and art features.


Whilst working in County Durham James was commissioned by Durham County Council to develop part of their bid for Unitary Status. This included the development of their community plan via Parish and Town Councils. James was also involved in the Unitary development of Hartlepool Borough Council in 1996 as part of his post graduate management degree.

James also undertook ad hoc work for other local Councils including delivering training, HR advice, recruitment and Council reviews. Also employed by County Associations to deliver training on their behalf, primarily Durham and Sussex & Surrey CALC’s.


A member of the board of the fledgling Professional arm of the SLCC, and was an active member of the NALC Larger Councils Committee.

Holder of three professional qualifications, a qualified Chartered Lawyer, Chartered Manager, and Chartered HR CIPD professional, also holds CILCA.

Now a full-time Consultant working in the Council sector providing advice and support in HR, Governance, Business Planning, Project development, visioning, and efficiency reviews. He is the only consultant in the sector with extensive experience as a Town Clerk whilst also being CIPD qualified.